Q&A with Angela Sterley: Destination Drifter

· October 12, 2016

Meet Angela Sterley, a traveler from California who recently took a trip across central Europe, took over our Instagram in the process, and runs the travel blog Destination Drifter. 1. Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your blog? Hello Faretrotter readers!  I am Angela and I run the travel and lifestyle […]

The Value of a Startup Community and Burritos

· September 29, 2016

As an early stage B2C company, there are no doubts that resource constraints are more present and impactful than at a larger company.  Companies of all shapes and sizes have domain expertise but can still lack the in house expertise to solve new problems.  Larger companies may throw dollars around to develop the next big product […]

The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports: Kentucky Derby!

· May 5, 2016

The Call to Post, ringing bells of the starting gates, thundering hooves on the earth, all sounds of the annual Kentucky Derby Thoroughbred race. A bucket list item for many, the Kentucky Derby boasts a week full of events in Louisville leading up to the famous race, hats, hats, and more hats, tasty mint juleps, […]

Destination Wedding? 5 Places to Consider

· May 1, 2016

Ahh, wedding season! Bells ringing, summer breeze, flowers blooming and an endless supply of love. What’s not to love about this time of year? Perhaps the only thing better than being the bride or groom is being invited to a destination wedding. It’s a mini vacation with friends, alcohol and cake!     If you are a wanderlust […]

Connecting Flights In The Big Apple

· April 18, 2016

As if connecting flights do not cause enough headaches in today’s world, imagine arriving at one airport and departing from an entirely different one – an unfortunate reality for too many travelers.  For example, in New York City, this problem haunts travelers on the daily.  But in the same light, NYC offers a wide array of […]

How to Travel Like a King in the UK

· April 5, 2016

The UK–home to some of the most historical sites in the world, gorgeous landscapes and magnificent castles. Yes, castles. You know, where kings and queens live the good life? Well, you don’t have to be king to travel like one. We’re taking a look inside some of the coolest castles across the UK! It seems […]

#WITS16 Recap and Blogger Roundup

· March 31, 2016

Wanderful is an international community of women who travel. They’re on a mission to connect and empower women travelers by providing them with the tools they need to go abroad and facilitate a trusted network for their journeys. The Women in Travel Summit was started to meet a need for professional women and self-starters in […]

Outdoor Adventures On The Cheap

· March 28, 2016

Portland and Salt Lake City—outdoor lovers’ paradise. Portland known for its craft beer, active lifestyle and gorgeous landscape; and Salt Lake City, home to snow-capped mountains, amazing white water rafting and beautiful national parks. Sounds like the perfect summer road trip! Best part? Faretrotter is going to make it happen…on the cheap.   The Faretrotter […]

Get on Island Time! Hop the British Virgin Islands

· March 26, 2016

What’s a time vacuum created by the crystal blue ocean and islands? Island Time! If you’ve never experienced it, you should add the British Virgin Islands to your bucket list. Can’t rent a sail boat? Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to charter their own sail boat and captain. That doesn’t mean you can’t […]

West Coast Best Coast: Los Angeles to San Francisco

· March 23, 2016

Ah – California! The gorgeous, Golden State that contains two cities with completely different vibes and wonders to admire. On one end, we have the sunshine-y, surf-lover’s city of So Cal – Los Angeles. On the other – San Francisco! The fast-paced, techie-filled land of Northern California. That being said, although both cities are in […]